Coding solutions for

on-pack promotions and brand protection

hive IP provides the most cost effective, secure and scaleable solution for generating, printing and validating unique codes  - which is why our solution is employed on billions of packs per year by global FMCG brands

Code Consultancy

With more than 10 years of experience in marketing, code printing production our consultants have a unique mix of expertise.

We can advise you on the most cost-effective way to print unique codes on your products - either for a one off promotion or continually, so every product always carries a code and is instantly 'ready' for promotional programmes, loyalty schemes and brand protection. 

We can advise you on everything from the type of promotions that work best with unique codes, the consumer journey, where to position the code on your packaging and how to print it at the lowest cost.  Call us on +44 1509 882914

Generation & Printing

If you are finding that the cost of printing unique codes on your packaging is limiting your marketing budget then you should definitely talk to us.

We generate and manage the printing of billions of unique codes every year for major FMCG brands.   We take pride in providing our clients with the most cost-effective solution.


We can reduce your costs through our detailed knowledge of print supply chain and production processes  or through the use of our own proprietary hardware that is designed to supply codes to industry standard printers 



Security & Validation

Every unique code can be a currency,  so we take security extremely seriously.  Our codes via our systems remain encrypted until the mili-second before they are printed on the product packaging.  

Our validation systems are industrial strength handling the input from many millions of consumers.  For added security and additional speed we never store any codes in databases.

Our validation system can be easily accessed via a straight forward API, so agencies, website and mobile app designers can easily build a web page that accepts a unique code from a consumer and pass it straight to our systems to be checked and validated.

The benefits of our  'one stop, closed loop' solution

In a typical on-pack promotion, one company generates the codes and then sends them to a  packaging supplier who prints them as a bespoke requirement. Often, yet a third company stores the codes in a database and validates the codes as they are entered by the consumer.  Usually, none of these companies are unique code specialists.  As a consequence, security is often compromised as codes are passed through many hands, printing costs are expensive, the ability to flex to new marketing requirements or factory production issues is badly impacted.  Our closed loop service is built on years of experience and provides:-

  • Lower costs

  • Reduced complexity

  • Multiple SKU/Product capability

  • Better security

  • Full accountability

  • Rapid turnaround

  • Scaleability and industrial strength

  • The flexibility to adapt to common print issues and factory production problems

  • Built by a team with years of experience in understanding the marketing requirements and the production and security issues

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